A little about me

Hello again.  If you didn’t know all ready my name is Kent and I will be blogging about my life and what I have learned from it so far.  There is allot to tell and some of it is not so good.  Again, I have to thank God and also my mother, with out them I would not be alive today.   There have been times in my life that the pain was so bad that I wish I was dead.  Some of the pain was not all my fault and some was.  I am here today to testify that God is real and through his son, Jesus Christ I am saved.

Now for the not so good things in my life.  The “old” me would run and hide from the truth and not want anyone to know.  The new me says I don’t care what you think about me,  God loves me and I put all my trust in Him.  I have been to the school of hard knocks and the biggest mistake I made in my life was committing first degree theft.   Yes that’s right, I’m a convect.  In my 42 years I never dreamed I would be arrested let alone for  first degree theft.  I only spent one day in jail and after pleading guilty I got a 4 years probation.

That was just the start of many bad things that happened to me over the next 2 years.   My name was all over the news and I lost my job too because of being arrested.  My wife filed for divorce and I moved out of the home we owned.  The only work I could get was delivering newspapers and then late one cold night in January I slipped on some ice and broke my ankle.   I had to under go two different surgeries to have the ankle fixed.  A few weeks after breaking my ankle my mother had a real bad stroke and we were not sure if she would make it.

Today I have a great job I love and work very hard at.  I drive a garbage/recycle truck and work about 50 hours or more each week.  My ankle is better but not 100%, and don’t think it will ever be 100%   I believed in God but didn’t trust in God.  Now I do and love God with all my heart and I am nothing without him.

More to come…

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