Internet vacation?

I will not be “on-line” much in the next week.  I went over the 5 GB limit US Cellular set for there wireless internet and I have to wait till next Saturday to be able to get on line for were I live so for now I will have to use the library in North Liberty or  Coralville.   I  can use my cell phone to check facebook, email and the web but the print is so small it’s hard to read.  No, I don’t have glasses (yet) but may have to have my eyes checked as it is getting harder for me to read small print.

Allot is going on in my life right now, all of it good.  OK, I call the bad good too, LOL.  Without the bad how would I learn?  It was a long week for me, 52 hours in 5 days and next week is my Saturday to work.  But I love my job and I do really love it.  We had a co worker get hurt yesterday.  Alan another driver hurt his left ankle real bad and as of right now I don’t know if he can work next week.  I will be praying for him, Alan is a super   nice guy and like so many of us has had so bad breaks in his life.

As they say, stay tuned for more.

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