Allot has happened in the last 2 year to me and you might say some of it was not too good.  Still even with all that I have gone through I am very thankful for what I have.   Being arrested and spending just one night in jail was real hard on me.  I also lost my home and family, my wife divorced me and I moved out.  I also lost the job I had working for a local farmer.  I ended up living with my mother and brother and was not real happy about it.  Not having a job and having my name in the local news was real tough on me.  No one wanted to hire a thief, the only work I could find was delivering news papers.  It was better than nothing, but then later one cold January night I slipped on some ice while out delivering the papers and broke my left ankle.  I drove myself to the ER in my truck, it was about 2 am and I was luck the traffic was light and I also hit all green lights on the way to the ER.  I ended up having surgery the next day and had two screws put into my ankle.   After about 6 weeks the doc told me that the screws didn’t stay in place and I would have to have a second surgery!

Now if that wasn’t bad enough, not long after the first surgery my mother had a bad stroke.  So here I am on crutches and have to go to the hospital ER room again!  Alan (my oldest brother) and I didn’t know if mom would make it.  Long story short, Mom’s still with us but she not the same.  We ended up selling moms house, Alan and I both moved out and found different places to live.  Since I was unemployed I was working to clean out mom’s house and in doing so I called a local trash company to get a roll off container delivered.   That day I saw a add in the local paper for the same company looking for a driver.  When I call them back to come and pick up the container I asked about the job.  Steve the owner was the guy I was talking to on the phone and Steve asked how soon I could come over to talk to him.  I said, I’ll be right there as I only lived about 6 blocks from there shop.  After talking to Steve for a while, I got the job and started the next day and have been working there ever since and loving it!

Even though there are still some bad things going on in my life right now I am very thankful for what I have.  The good LORD has blessed me and is watching out for me!  Speaking of God, I want to thank everyone at Grace United Methodist Church in Tiffin!  They are like family and I can’t be happier!  God is working in my life and I am not who I once was.

One thought on “Thankful

  1. Julie

    You sound like you have been through the mill and back too. Thanks to God for bringing us through huh? I hope that life turns around and good things start to pour out your direction.
    many blessings,

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