The Church

Tonight our church held “Service in the park”.  We were asked to speak on how the church was serving us and what our vision for the future of the church was.  Ever since I sent foot back inside of my church I knew someday pickI would have to speak on how welcomed they have made me feel.  When I was arrested and lost my job and had no place to turn I knew I had to find a church.  The church I now call Home is the same church that my mother belongs too and the same church I would attend when ever I felt like it.  Everyone knows everyone there and after my arrest I just didn’t think they would welcome a thief like me!

I still can’t believe I took the steps to walk into the church.  God does give up power to do things we don’t think we can.  God sent me a angle and her name is Ericka.  Ericka has a very strong faith and some how she got me to go back to church.  That was back in March of this year and I have been going ever since.  Tonight I got the chance to speak on how I felt about being a part of the church.  All I can say is, they are like family to me and the love and respect they show is like nothing I have ever seen.  I told them that my story is long and at a later time they will hear more about my journey back.

If you truly want to live for Christ, you have to give up your life.  I know I’m not who I once was, I also know there are people who still hate me for what I have done to them.  Just saying I am sorry is not good enough, but some want more and all I can do is pray for them and love them.  Maybe there mad at me because since I have been “saved” I seem so “happy” and my life is so good.  I am very happy but my life is about the same, it’s just how I look at it now.  It’s not about me any more, so I am not going to tell you about what’s wrong or “my problems”, that’s between God and I.   God will and is taking care of me and God gives me what I need, not what I want.

I lost just about every thing I loved, I had two choices;  I could give up on life or turn to Jesus and start it all over.  If I can do it, anyone can!  Jesus loves you more than you know!  Give him your trust and find a good Christian church and see what will happen to you.

May God bless and keep you.


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