Love, Life and a dog

I love life and some times wonder why it has to be so hard?  I don’t like being alone but I am OK with it.  I want love and love to give it back, the problem with love is that I think I am good at it when some times I have no idea what I am doing.  People come and going my life and I wish just one would stay!  The best love I have ever gotten was from my dog Toby!  But Toby is dieing!  I am trying to be strong for  him but it’s not easy.  Toby is right next to me right now, but I don’t think he will make it through the night!  He is breathing real hard and walking is getting harder every hour.  I have never seen any thing die before but I got a feeling I am seeing it tonight!  I hope and pray that I am wrong.

I wish this was not happening but God is in control and I trust in him!  I don’t want to go to sleep and then wake up to find Toby dead.  I know it will make me stronger, but I’m not ready for this.  Well, this is not what I wanted to write about to night but it’s real life.  I am going to try to sleep and hope things will work out.

2 thoughts on “Love, Life and a dog

  1. Julie

    You are an awesome Christ-centered man, Kent! I appreciate you. Everytime I see a post from you, my heart smiles cuz I know you are reminding me of God’s love for me. I wish you hope and peace with Toby. I know it’s hard but peace will come. Keep believing.
    I believe in you.

    1. Thanks Julie! I feel the same way about you. Every time I read something from you it makes my day. There is something very special about you and I’m glad were friends! I hope you have a great day and thanks again.

      Hugs back to you 🙂

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