Life goes on 3.4.10

Today was a good day but I am really tired.  I didn’t get to bed till about midnight and them had to be up at 4 AM.  The morning went really fast and it looked like I would get done by 2PM but when I was at my last dumpster, my truck broke down.  The radiator broke and all the antifreeze came out onto the ground.  We ended up having the truck towed and another worker came up to get me and help me clean up the antifreeze on the ground.  I still got out of work kind of early, I left the shop at 3:15PM and was home by 4PM.  It’s nice outside today, the snow and ice is melting and the roads are getting wider witch helps me out.  It’s nice to have room to walk when you get out of the truck and not have to walk in the snow or ice.

I am kind of down right now and I don’t know why!  I had a good day and Julie called tonight but we didn’t talk very long.  We are getting married in Waterloo at her church,  I can’t wait to go there and meet with her pastor and see the church.  Yesterday I went up to see Julie and be at her IPP meeting at the Abby center.  I love being with her and just talking, we have so much in common.  I have gotten use to being alone and was OK with it but as we grow together it’s getting harder to be hear alone and not be with Julie.  I need to get some sleep tonight, I have to shut everything down and rest but it’s hard for me to stop but I still feel like a bum.  I have so much I need to do, my place is a mess and Julie is coming to stay Saturday night.   We are going to my church Sunday and then just what ever.  Friday Julie’s friend Karen is coming to see Julie and they are having a girls night out.

I am so blessed to have Julie in my life and for the first time in my life I am feeling loved.  I have been waiting for this for a long time now and some times it does not seam real.  It’s like my past life was a dream and didn’t even happen.  To get married in a real church with real people is unthinkable right now.  It’s all starting to come together and soon the time will fly by.

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