Get into the boat.

God granting miracles

A religious man is on top of a roof during a great flood. A man comes by in a boat and says “get in, get in!” The religous man replies, ” no I have faith in God, he will grant me a miracle.”

Later the water is up to his waist and another boat comes by and the guy tells him to get in again. He responds that he has faith in god and god will give him a miracle. With the water at about chest high, another boat comes to rescue him, but he turns down the offer again cause “God will grant him a miracle.”

With the water at chin high, a helicopter throws down a ladder and they tell him to get in, mumbling with the water in his mouth, he again turns down the request for help for the faith of God. He arrives at the gates of heaven with broken faith and says to Peter, I thought God would grand me a miracle and I have been let down.” St. Peter chuckles and responds, “I don’t know what you’re complaining about, we sent you three boats and a helicopter.”

This Joke got me to thinking about how sometimes we take all the good things God blesses our life with.  We pray for many things and we know what we want but yet when the blessings pass us by because only see what we want to.  God can bless us in many ways  with  things that look the same, maybe a  job, a home or someone to love us.  Our idea of what we want is not going to be the same as what God will offer us, it’s up to us to not over look it and jump in the boat when it comes our direction.

You are loved!

This past week we had a young lady take her own life by jumping off a bridge in Iowa City onto Interstate 80 on Tuesday morning, where she was hit by a semitrailer and killed. I know what it’s like to feel so overwhelmed that you just can’t see any hope for living. Yes, I have been to that point in my life where I wanted to end it all. I felt so alone, no hope for tomorrow but that was before I found the love of Jesus Christ and my local church. I didn’t know this young beautiful lady at all but her death touched me in a way that I can’t express! That night, I just keep saying, “she didn’t have to do this” and how sad I was for her family, friends, the driver of the semi and the first responder and Law enforcement officers.

As I was on my way to church this morning, I felt God calling me to step up and talk to our congregation about what I was feeling. When we are feeling depressed, sad or what ever, we can’t go it alone and covering it up doesn’t help. I you think the person you care for knows how much you care for them, don’t just think they know! Tell them, show them ever day how much you love them no matter how bad they feel. If your dealing with depression and can talk about it, DO IT! Let’s not hide it any more, show others who are facing the same thing that they too are not alone and can come to you if they want too. Life is so wonderful, and Jesus died on the cross to give us new life and no matter what you have done or what your going through, his family of believers love you and you can trust them.

I know this is my calling to help others dealing with depression and showing them the love that Jesus Christ offers us. I am so thankful that the good Lord gave me new life and new hope so I can try to touch life’s that are hurting. Just hearing people thanks me for sharing my thoughts and experiences is nice, I hope they can take from it that it’s OK to let people see who they really are, and that’s a child of God who loves us so much that He sent his only son to die for us.

Your not alone and if you think that ending your life is all you have left, please don’t! Let me know, I will do every thing I can for you. You are loved more than you know and better days are ahead.

God bless.


I have been doing real good being alone.  Working 50 plus hours helps to take my mind off Julie.  This is the first week I have off in over 5 weeks and I sleeped all day!  Went out for dinner and then back home.  I have been getting things set up the way I like them, making it a home, LOL.  Yesterday I asked Julie to add me as a friend on facebook again and she did but then last night she removed me.  I was very hurt, I know the laptop computer I gave her is not working and I post a note that I had another power supply that should work and that she had her Dell desk top hear too.  Don’t know if she’s mad that I posted that to her wall?  I care very much for Julie and I hurt much more than what shows!  I would have never just walked out on her like she did to me.

I don’t like giving up and I need to let go of the pain Julie has caused me but giving up without talking about her problems.  She was mad that I didn’t talk about mine  and it was wrong for me to put up walls.  I am willing to talk, some times I talk too much and end up saying things that I don’t think over real good.  I miss Julie, wish I could talk right now.  I am real depressed, having some bad thoughts.  I can’t kill myself but wish I could.  I feel like you all would never care any way.  All I herd from Julie was how bad I was for her and how unhappy I made her life. 

It’s for the best that I am alone, I’m not lovable, I end up !@#$ things up any way.  I DON’T CARE ANY MORE!  I want to run and hide,  I can’t do this any more.  I have been trying so hard for so long and you just don’t see it!!!!  I did all I could for Julie, I visited her as much as I could when she was in the Abby, been with her in the hospital, cried at night when I couldn’t be with her.  I need someone who will love me back just a little, someone who cares about my feeling too.  I have a right to be who I am, even if it’s not the best I can be at the time.

God allows U turns

God desires nothing more than that we come to the water and drink. God offers us, without price, the bread of life and the sweet wine of salvation, but we often seek food and drink that does not satisfy. Though the ever-lasting covenant God made with David holds still, we do not get a free pass-the unrighteous are called to change their ways, and woe to us if we too quickly count ourselves among the righteous! This third Sunday in Lent makes it clear that we must repent or perish. Jesus’ parable of the fig tree echoes Isaiah’s challenge, “Let the wicked forsake their way” (Isaiah 55:7)Paul warns that our ancestors ate spiritual food but strayed from God’s paths and perished. We are called to repentance that we may partake of the abundant life God offers us (B J Bue).

Repentance has been central to God’s dealings with his children since they were first placed on the earth.  Old Testament prophets constantly called the children of Israel individually and collectively to repent and turn to God and righteous living from rebellion, apostasy, and sin.  In New Testament times, the work of Jesus Christ on earth may be described as a ministry of repentance—that is, of calling on God’s children to return to their God by changing their thinking and behavior and becoming more godlike.  The Savior taught, “Be ye therefore perfect, even as your Father which is in heaven is perfect” (Matt. 5:48).  Christ’s apostles were called primarily to preach faith in Christ and to declare repentance to all the world (Mark 6:12).  In modern as in earlier times, the term “repentance” literally means a turning from sin and a reversing of one’s attitudes and behavior.  Its purposes are to develop the divine nature within all mortal souls by freeing them from wrong or harmful thoughts and actions and to assist them in becoming more Christlike by replacing the “natural man” (1 Cor. 2:14) with the “new man” in Christ (Eph. 4:20-24).

“When he finally came to his senses, he said to himself, ‘At home even the hired servants have food enough to spare, and here I am dying of hunger! I will go home to my father and say, “Father, I have sinned against both heaven and you, and I am no longer worthy of being called your son. Please take me on as a hired servant.”’ “So he returned home to his father. And while he was still a long way off, his father saw him coming. Filled with love and compassion, he ran to his son, embraced him, and kissed him. (Luke 15:17-20 NIV)

I know of no more beautiful story in all literature than that found in the fifteenth chapter of Luke.  It is the story of a repentant son and a forgiving father  (The Parable of the Lost Son).  It is the story of a son who wasted his inheritance in riotous living, rejecting his father’s counsel, spurning those who loved him.  When he had spent all the inheritance and was hungry and friendless then coming to himself.  He went back to his father, who, on seeing him a long way off, ran and with open arms, embracing his son and kissed him.

Like the prodigal son in the swine yard, we find ourselves living in a telestial world of sin and impurity, a world that has chosen separation from God.  The swine yard symbolizes spiritual death, which is quite simply a rejection of the love of our Heavenly Father.  The whole purpose of the Atonement of Christ is to restore us to the love of our Heavenly Father to be once again “at one” with Him, to belong to Him, to be His child in the eternities.  To merit this blessing, however, we must do as the prodigal son did “when he came to himself.” This “coming to ourselves” is to realize our true place in relation to God, to recognize the power that sin has over us and to understand the spiritual famine in which we find ourselves because of our own poor choices.  We must come face to face with ourselves and repent if we are to qualify for the blessings of the Atonement.

Only true repentance enables us to see ourselves for what we really are unworthy in every way of the blessing of belonging to our Father’s house.  Although we cannot minimize the seriousness of some mistakes, we can be washed and pronounced clean from all but unpardonable sin if we will but honor the Lamb of God.

As long we refuses to forgive, we remains outside the family circle. We cannot be “at one” with the others.  By this refusal we literally rejects the Atonement.  There can be no “at-one-ment” if unkind feelings remain between brothers and sisters.  We each therefore have it in our power to include or exclude ourselves from the blessings of the Atonement.  We can choose to stay outside if we want to.

The invitation is to all to “come home,” to come unto the Christ who atoned for our sins, who made it possible for each of us to enjoy once again the warm embrace of our Father in Heaven.

Wrong Decisions

But one thing I do, forgetting those things which are behind and reaching forward to those things which are ahead… Philippians 3:13

We all fail throughout life.  It’s a disappointing feeling to fail, sometimes the best way to be successful is to allow ourselves to make mistakes, learning from them and moving forward through the disappointment.  Failure is exercise for our hearts, it helps us grow.  Without failure we would never know true joy.   We can’t know what all the future holds for us.  There are no guarantees.  As much as I have struggled with making decisions in my life I am very happy that I have had so many choices offered to me.  Yes, I’ve wrong-decisionsmade some poor choices, but along with those choices came challenges and opportunities that I would not have experienced otherwise.  For this reason I do not believe there are wrong or right choices.  Whatever decisions we make, they will ultimately thrust us into life situations (both positive and negative).  As the opportunities being gifted to us unfold in our lifes we will grow our spirits.

Making a decision is always better than making no decision at all. At least we had the courage to decide, take a chance, and make a move in a particular direction. We can’t take action unless we make a decision first. And, a decision is never wrong because we always gain something from it – whether we get what we thought we intended or learn a valuable lesson. Sometimes, we need to follow through on a decision to realize that we don’t really want what we thought we did.

If we are stuck focusing on the disappointment of our failures, we need to ask God to help us look for what we can learn from them and how we can become better.  Otherwise, we will miss out on so much that God has in store for our lives.

Success is the ability to go from one failure to another with no loss of enthusiasm. Sir Winston Churchill

God bless,